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Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the Directory . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in Directory containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

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Call Center, VOIP companies in Directory
2864 call center, VOIP companies found in Directory .

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Call Central Pakistan

(Call Centers List/Pakistan)
Call Central is the leading and fastest growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)and Call Center services provider in Pakistan. Call Central manage customer care services and back office processes fo...

Call Centre Others

(Call Centers List/Others)

Call Centre Africa EPZ Ltd Others

(Call Centers List/Others)
CCA EPZ (Call Centre Africa EPZ) is Kenya's premier Offshore Service Provider, with a medium capacity centre, and scaleable at simiiar units of the same amount. This gives us flexibility to expand as ...

Call Concepts India

(Call Centers List/India)
Call Concepts also does bulk recruitment for companies which requires scaling up the team or setting up of a new division. Call Concepts also work on recruitments for Companies, which have similar and...

Call South Asia Bangladesh

(Call Centers List/Bangladesh)
A company offering an end-to-end solution for setting up of call/contact centers. Call South Asia also provides a host of call center based services such as BPO, Transaction Processing, CAD/CAM off...

Call Tech Others

(Call Centers List/Others)
Call Tech- multilingual outsourcing call center. They offer a standard package of call center services, which are necessary for our customers successful business. We are located in two most multiling...

Call Union UK

(Call Centers List/UK)
Call Union is the internet telephone calling service that lets you call from anywhere to anywhere at a fraction of what the telephone company charges. Using VoIP (Voice over IP) your telephone cal...

Call-center "Call-In-Fast" Others

(Call Centers List/Others)
Call-center "Call-In-Fast" is a new name, a new company and a new team, capable to change your ideas about opportunities of modern communication. They are a dynamically developing company that counts ...

Call-Text Solutions Ireland

(Call Centers List/Ireland)
Call-Text Solutions provides a wide range of services dealing with all types of inbound and outbound contact with customers, for both Business to Consumer and Business to Business markets. Establish...

call4less Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium) is a co-branding of is a Internet Telephony company founded in 2005 run by Toneec sprl. call4less offer inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service around th...

CallBlue Canada

(Call Centers List/Canada)
CallBlue is a long distance phone carrier providing domestic and international long distance, international dialing custom integrated Internet-based VOIP communication services, based on proprietary t...

Callbox California

(Call Centers List/California)
Callbox is an Outsourcing Partner providing world-class profit-maximizing customer contact solutions and business processing services. Callbox serves the world's leading companies in many industries i...

CallBridge Teledata Services Philippines

(Call Centers List/Philippines)
Callbridge is a full-service, cross-border contact services corporation specializing in telephone-based customer service support, telephone sales operations and electronic post correspondences. Callbr...

CallCare1st Bangladesh

(Call Centers List/Bangladesh)
CallCare1st's vision is to become the recognized Bangladesh provider of offshore call center solutions for small-to-medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and professionals. For their Clients: ...

CallCenterBA Others

(Call Centers List/Others)

Callcentric New York

(Call Centers List/New York)
The Callcentric service provides consumers and businesses around the world with the benefits of cost savings and high quality phone calls using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is a type of Voi...

CallCentris California

(Call Centers List/California)
CallCentris is an industry leader in Call Center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. Their unique and comprehensive approach to providing high quality services to assist yuo with alsmost...

CallCentris Costa Rica

(Call Centers List/Costa Rica)
CallCentris is an industry leader in Call Center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. Their unique and comprehensive approach to providing high quality services to assist yuo with alsmost...

Callconomy Cyprus

(Call Centers List/Cyprus)
Callconomy introduces its new cutting edge VoIP telecommunications solutions. Callconomy aim is to provide low cost, functional and at the same time high quality products for every area of the new age...

CallDesk United States

(Call Centers List/United States)


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