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Call Center United States

Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the United States . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in United States containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

United States Sub-Locations


Alabama (2)


California (194)


Connecticut (5)


Delaware (5)


Florida (78)


Georgia (23)


Idaho (3)


Illinois (49)


Las Vegas (9)


Los Angeles (1)


Maryland (22)


Massachusetts (12)


Michigan (12)


Minneapolis (4)


Minnesota (6)


Mississauga (1)


Missouri (4)


Nebraska (7)


New Jersey (61)


New Mexico (3)


New York (106)


North Carolina (10)


Ohio (21)


Oklahoma (2)


Oregon (5)


Pennsylvania (21)


Phoenix (6)


Tennessee (16)


Texas (68)


Utah (8)


Virginia (37)


Washington (15)


Wyoming (2)


Call Center, VOIP companies in United States
978 call center, VOIP companies found in United States .

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1 800 Call Center United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
1-800 Call Centers business model is based on human interaction, combined with state-of-the-art hardware and software applications. 1-800 Call Center seeks to employ professional people and to turn r...

1 Live Telephone Operators United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
Live Telephone Operators Inc. answers you call with your product, service or message in mind. They manage each campaign uniquely based on the goals, objectives and budget for the company involved. Onc...

1 on 1 Contact Solutions United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
One on One Contact Solutions was established to help companies turn every contact into a loyal Customer. Our One Touch methodology allows companies to achieve this goal by incorporating best practi...

1 Varshyl Company California

(Call Centers List/California)
Varshyl offers a diverse range of IT services to various businesses. Varshyl helps businesses in their software, database, website, call management and other related vertical needs. Varshyl ’s Prof...

1-800 Ohio

(Call Centers List/Ohio)
1-800 is a full service inbound and outbound telemarketing services provider. 1-800 telemarketing firm handles both high volume and limited volume projects such ...

1-800-WeAnswer New York

(Call Centers List/New York)
1-800-WeAnswer provides professionals and courteous responses to customers and prospects on behalf of its clients. This includes phone answering, voice mail and call center operations. 1-800-WeAnswer ...

1Call Call Center Systems United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
1Call is a leading developer of hospital call center, healthcare communications applications and emergency alert/ notification systems. 1Call’s approximately 200 customers operate medical call centers... California

(Call Centers List/California)
VoIP Telephony. That's what they do. 1Internet-Phone provide all different kind of VoIP Phone Services, such as : - PC to PC - PC to Phone - Phone to PC - Phone to Phone - Instant Messaging ...

24seven Call Center Texas

(Call Centers List/Texas)
24seven CC, LLC is a leading developer, marketer and provider of Live and Automated Customer Care Solutions for a vast array of companies in the US and abroad. Service offerings include Prepaid Long D...

310 Ltd. Maryland

(Call Centers List/Maryland)
310 Ltd. located just an hour outside of Washington DC, is a global marketing firm providing solutions for economic developers representing localities, regions and utilities across the country. 310...

310 Ltd. Virginia

(Call Centers List/Virginia)
310 Ltd. located just an hour outside of Washington DC, is a global marketing firm providing solutions for economic developers representing localities, regions and utilities across the country. 310...

3CLogic Maryland

(Call Centers List/Maryland)
3CLogic creates a comprehensive suite of innovative network and server independent PC based software solutions for call center and contact center applications. 3CLogic's unique VoIP applications are w...

4BranVoip Mississauga

(Call Centers List/Mississauga)
4branvoip provides carrier-class VoIP termination service, connecting your calls to the outside world. Our fully interoperable voice network delivers next generation IP solutions today. Our flagship s...

5 Point Communications™ United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
VoIP service at 5 Point Communications™ is built on a platform of leading edge technology that will revolutionize the telecommunications industry. VoIP service enables broadband users to turn their I...

@Comm Corporation California

(Call Centers List/California)
@Comm Corporation Bring Business Intelligence to every PBX & IP-PBX System. @Comm Corporation products deliver high-level call activity analysis reports from every customer and employee call that ...

A & W Medical Transcription Service United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
A & W Medical Transcription Service is a small business specializing in quality, professional, dependable medical transcription in which they provide their services to various medical practices all ov...

A Live Answer United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
A Live Answer Inc. is an owner operated Live Chat and Telephone Answering Service that provides world class service to many local and national companies. combining the latest technology with years o...

Abacus Media International Georgia

(Call Centers List/Georgia)
Abacus Media International is a leading customer driven high-tech solutions provider. They offer end-to-end solutions for Telecommunications and Information Technology needs. Abacus Media Internationa...

Aberdeen Group United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
Aberdeen Group provides IT consulting and market strategy advice to the IT supplier community. Aberdeen focuses on answering clients critical business and technology questions in the context of the...

Above The Rest Telemarketing United States

(Call Centers List/United States)
Above The Rest Telemarketing offers a flexible telemarketing service by helping clients fully integrate their data management, marketing and sales process by offering custom telemarketing campaigns. ...


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