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The moment you hear Makati City, what comes into your mind? Tall buildings, right? We all know that Makati is known as the largest business district in the Metro that’s why most call center companies want to hold office in this prime location. All forms of businesses are found in this city and people always have the connotation that you’re part of the elite group if you work in any Makati call centers.

There are quite a number of benefits when you work Makati call centers. Let us enumerate some of the perks that you can get when your job is based in Makati.

• Public commute is easy because all forms of transportation are accessible. Buses, cabs and jeepneys are all available for you to reach your destination with ease. MRT and LRT are just a ride away for faster means of transportation.
• Malls and hang out places are all nearby so you can unwind after a stressful and tiring day in the office. Greenbelt, Glorietta and posh restaurants are just a stone’s throw away for you and your friends to have a place were you can relax and have a good time. You can also talk to your friends over a cup of coffee in nearby coffee shops.
• Career opportunity in Makati is very high. Finding a job in the call center industry is very easy because there are so many BPO companies in this side of town.

Now that you know the benefits of working in Makati, it’s time to identify the top three call center companies in the area to give you an idea on what companies you can consider if you want to work for a BPO company.
1. Sykes Asia is one of the leading call center companies in the country. They have established a pretty good reputation in the industry. The benefits that they have are pretty awesome and they are one of the first call centers in the Philippines. They have 2 offices in Makati. Sykes Asia is in Burgundy along Gil Puyat Ave. and the other Sykes Asia is in Robinson’s Summit building in Ayala Ave.
2. Convergys main office is in Ayala Ave. They also have 3 other sites in Makati namely, The Enterprise Building, Insular Life Building and PBCOM Tower. Convergys Philippines is known for the high paying salary that they give to their agents even if they are just newly hires.
3. Stream Global is another call center company that has made a name in the industry. Their office is in PBCOM Tower and a lot of people want to apply in this company because of the perks that they can get when they sign up for the job. They have recreational rooms for their employees to give them time to relax during their break.

There are other business process outsourcing companies in Makati that keeps up to par with these three call center companies mentioned above. Most of them offer the same benefits and others just give higher bonuses. The company that you wish to work for will all depend on your preference and what type of work environment you would want to work in. At the end of the day, what really matters when you make your decision is what company can give you the career growth that you need.


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Call Center, VOIP companies in Makati Philippines
194 call center, VOIP companies found in Makati Philippines .

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24/7 Inc Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
24/7, Anticipating your needs. At 24/7, we put a lot of thought into delivering solutions that provide Intuitive Consumer Experiences. 24/7 helps consumers engage with businesses to get things done...

999 CC Corporation Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
999 CC Corporation is a uniquely positioned call center with an agent-dedicated environment. Our commitment and responsiveness to our clients and their customers set 999 CC Corporation apart from othe...

Advanced MT Data Services, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Advanced MT Data Services, Inc. is a company specializing in Medical Transcription. Advanced MT Data Services, Inc. was formed solely for the purpose of providing Medical Transcription service for cli...

Agilys Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Agilys provides comprehensive and innovative solutions to BPO and Call Center Resourcing and consulting. Agilys has the best tools to recruit, assess, train and retain high quality call center profes...

AlexDirect Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
AlexDirect is a division of Alexander Resources, Inc. that handles Executive Search, Staffing and Training for BPO and Call Center Industries. Composed of specialists from the same fields, AlexDi...

Alliance Technologies Corporation Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Alliance Technologies Corporation has been effectively providing businesses (from small to mis-size to large and multinational and U.S. outsource companies) with advanced communication solutions from ...

Alsons/AWS Information Systems Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Alsons/AWS Information Systems, Inc. (formerly Alsons/ADTX Information Systems, Inc.) offers affordable and efficient IT solutions for companies to support and enhance their business. It was establish...

Alternative Network Resources Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
ANR unlimited, a local Business Process Outsourcing organization that has developed a solid reputation as one of the leading providers of outsourced services in the country, is now inviting success-dr...

Ann System Development Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Ann System Development is one of the call centers in the Philippines. Ann System Development is the foremost ESL contact center in Asia. Ann System Development caters various call center operations....

AppsAsia Ltd. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
AppsAsia are specialist providers of Oracle Applications project services. AppsAsia provide services throughout the whole spectrum of Oracle Applications projects, including: Implementation of al...

Asia Ecommerce Network Technology Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
ASIA ECOMMERCE NETWORK TECHNOLOGY (AENT) was established in September 2010 and was incorporated to primarily offer Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to off shore companie...

ASIA Partnership Philippines, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
ASIA Partnership Philippines, Inc (APPI) is an international recruitment, training and consultancy firm. ASIA Partnership Philippines, Inc was established in 1994 as part of The ASIA Partnership Gr...

Asia Videostream, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Asia Videostream, Inc. is one of the companies in the Philippines having call center operations. Asia Videostream, Inc. caters various products including video streaming, web design and development....

Asia/Pacific Circulation Exponents, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Asia/Pacific Circulation Exponents, Inc. (APCEI) is the sales-marketing agent of the Wall street Journal Asia. Asia/Pacific Circulation Exponents, Inc. (APCEI) is one of the newest companies in the P...

Asian Call Centres Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Asian Call Centres management team has in excess of 30 years experience in the call center industry. Our proven offshore outsourcing methodology focuses on adding customer service value to your busine...

AskMeNow, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
AskMeNow, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AskMeNow, Inc. in the U.S. offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity to compente and dynamic young individuals. AskMeNow, Inc. is the first mobi...

Aspect Contact Center Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Whether you're embracing unified communications (UC) or fine tuning your traditional contact center operation, Aspect contact center services can help you achieve high customer satisfaction while real...

Ayala Systems Technology, Inc. Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Ayala Systems Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, is an IT systems integration company offering a wide range of IT products and services for various industries. Ayala Systems Tec...

Bell Telecommunications Philippines, Inc (BellTel) Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Bell Telecommunication Philippines, Inc. (BellTel) is a full-service telecommunications company that began its commercial operations in January 2002. It is authorized to provide the full range of serv...

Blue Media Communications Makati

(Call Centers List/Makati)
Blue Media Communications aims to be one of the country's premier service and infrastructure providers for customer contact centers serving the North American and Asia-Pacific Region, and multinationa...


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