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Call Center Hungary

Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the Hungary . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in Hungary containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

Call Center, VOIP companies in Hungary
5 call center, VOIP companies found in Hungary .

Asylum Hungary

(Call Centers List/Hungary)
Asylum Telecom provides leading-edge Internet communications solutions, enabling end-users to have access to their communications services simply, anytime, anywhere. Asylum solutions such as IP teleph...

NETRING Telekom Hungary

(Call Centers List/Hungary)
NETRING Telekom is a telecommunications company that provides to its customers worldwide high quality long distance telephone and - if necessary - fax connections at really fair prices. All NETRING ne...

Peneo Telecommunications Hungary

(Call Centers List/Hungary)
Peneo is a leading-edge technology firm specializing in VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions to lower telecom costs for residential consumers (B2C), commercial businesses (B2B), and callshops/Internet cafes...

QuaesTel Hungary

(Call Centers List/Hungary)
QuaesTel was founded in January of 2004 by a team of highly experienced telecommunications professionals with operations initially based in Europe and the USA. QuaesTel's senior management team has ex...

Skymol Corporation Hungary

(Call Centers List/Hungary)
Skymol is a privately held, self-funded company which is a leading provider of on-demand eCommerce, live help and customer service software using voice, video and text chat communications, thereby hel...


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