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Call Center Hong Kong

Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the Hong Kong . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in Hong Kong containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

Call Center, VOIP companies in Hong Kong
20 call center, VOIP companies found in Hong Kong .

Aztel Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Aztel, APEX ZhongCheng Communications Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is an leading global communications services provider serving enterprises, carriers and resellers. Aztel offers vonage type s...

China Motion Telecom Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Established in 1990, China Motion Telecom International the Group commenced its operations in Hong Kong as a supplier of a wide-range of telecommunications products and services with extensive operati...

CosmoCom Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
CosmoCom provides IP Contact Center Technology for Unified Customer Communications, On-demand, across an entire enterprise or across any number of enterprises. CosmoCom, the global leader in Unifie...

Cybiz Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Cybiz is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services to Fortune 500 companies. Cybiz offer a range of integrated customer care services including voice, email response, real-time chat,...

Electraserv Philippines, Inc. Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Electraserv Philippines Inc., a partner of Electraserv USA and Electraserv Holdings Inc. Hongkong, provides superior values-focused customer service to top companies engaged in large customer bases an...

Epro Telecom Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Incorporated in 1990 as a pioneer in the local outsourcing business, EPRO TELECOM is one of the largest multi-media outsourcing contact centers in the market. Epro Telecom operation located in Hong Ko...

Global IP Sound Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
As enterprises and individuals increasingly adopt voice over packet networks as the high quality, low cost alternative to traditional forms of communication, a robust quality of service (QoS) solution...

Hello Technologies Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Hello Technologies provides high-end, voice-based, inbound customer care solutions and outbound telemarketing services to American corporate clients. We have successfully implemented inbound and outbo...

HiTech Telecom Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
HiTech makes innovative hardware/software solutions available to the market. HiTech analyses and evaluates emerging telephony technologies and develop them into a marketable package. They on-sell inno...

InterCall Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
InterCall is the largest service provider in the world specializing in conference communications. The company serves over 400,000 individual conference leaders in more than 70,000 organizations around...

InventAsia Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Invent Asia is a specialised service provider in the field of Business Process Outsourcing. With a blend of facilities, management and operational capability from the UK, The Netherlands, Philippines ...

LWS Media Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
LWS Media is a global leader in consulting, IT services, creative, Internet marketing, customer management and Outsourcing Company. We combine data, insight-driven design, leading technologies and rig...

LXComm Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
LXComm is an independent research and consulting company, offering expert advice in the field of telecommunications. Established in 1998, the company provides a number of services to the Telecommunica...

NMS Communications Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
NMS Communications is a leading provider of technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure. NMS products enable new mobile voice, data, and video applications and improve the pe...

Quintum Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)


(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
With over a decade in business, RADVISION (NASDAQ: RVSN) is the world’s leading provider of high quality, scalable and easy-to-use products and technologies for videoconferencing, video telephon...

Seyyone Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Seyyone is a leading global outsource provider of medical transcription, data entry, internet research and other back office processing services. Since 1999 referrels from existing, satisfied clients ...

Venturia Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Venturia is an international IT, Technology Solutions & Consulting firm delivering solutions to the fixed, mobile and the Quadruple play market sector. The company was founded in 1998, by a group of s...

Vodini Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Vodini is pioneering the use of next generation VoIP technology to deliver low cost international communications services. With Vodini's Broadband Phone Service Residential, Small Business, Enterprise...

Witness Systems Hong Kong

(Call Centers List/Hong Kong)
Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS) is a leading global provider of workforce optimization software and services that provide enterprises with unprecedented visibility into customer service processes, work...


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