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Call Center France

Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the France . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in France containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

Call Center, VOIP companies in France
19 call center, VOIP companies found in France .

ATY Consulting France

(Call Centers List/France)
ATY Consulting provides Voice over IP solutions to enterprises and to telecom service providers. VoIP systems have been replacing ancient telecom infrastructure since 2000. In this new technology many...

CosmoCom France

(Call Centers List/France)
CosmoCom provides IP Contact Center Technology for Unified Customer Communications, On-demand, across an entire enterprise or across any number of enterprises. CosmoCom, the global leader in Unifie...

e-Quateur GS France

(Call Centers List/France)
Founded in 2002, Equateur offers a wide range of services to professionals. Equateur has structured its development around a priority network of high capacity (satellite, fibre and hertzian). Equat...

Eone Telecom France

(Call Centers List/France)
Eone Telecom is a french company located in Paris. Based on a 5-years experience with VoIP, carrier trading systems, call-shop infrastructures and pre-paid cards combined with an expertise with web i...

eStara France

(Call Centers List/France)

Global eXchange Services (GXS) France

(Call Centers List/France)
GXS is a leading worldwide provider of business-to-business integration, synchronization and collaboration solutions. The company operates a highly reliable, secure global network services platform en...

Help-Line France

(Call Centers List/France)
Help-Line IT Services focuses on value-added help services. This activity is organized into two fields; firstly the implementation and operation of IT support structures for users (Help Desk and ho...

International Outsourcing Services (IOS) France

(Call Centers List/France)
International Outsourcing Services is a global leader in progressive outsourcing business solutions. IOS provides the people and manufacturing technology for a world of solutions in data services, man...

IPercom France

(Call Centers List/France)
IPercom installs, operates and maintains telecommunication services for International Carrier, VoIP Carrier, Pre Paid Operator. Created in 2001 in Paris, IPercom has a strong knowledge in building ...

Jipo France

(Call Centers List/France)
Since its creation in 1997, Jipo has developed considerable experience in marketing for the telecommunication and information technology sectors, working in the fields of strategic and operational mar...

Move Offshore Pvt Ltd France

(Call Centers List/France)
Move Offshore Pvt Ltd was created in 2004 to help Small to Medium Businesses to find new customers by outsourcing a part or their Marketing and Sales. Move Offshore founders are Marketing and Sales pr...

Netcentrex France

(Call Centers List/France)
Netcentrex is a worldwide market leader for VoIP Application Servers. Netcentrex VoIP deployments exceed 4 million lines in commercial service. Netcentrex develops unique next generation network (...

NMS Communications France

(Call Centers List/France)
NMS Communications is a leading provider of technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure. NMS products enable new mobile voice, data, and video applications and improve the pe...

OneAccess France

(Call Centers List/France)
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in France, OneAccess is funded by CDC Entreprises Innovation, VPSA, AGF Private Equity (AGF Asset Management subsidiary) and CIC Finance (CIC-Credit Mutuel Group inve...

Opencentrex France

(Call Centers List/France)

Popular Telephony France

(Call Centers List/France)
Popular Telephony are the inventors of Peerio (TM) - a ground-breaking, patented and patents-pending technology for VoIP, which revolutionizes the architecture and economics of telecommunications. Ins...

Sento France

(Call Centers List/France)
Sento Corporation specializes in Right ChannelingSM, a proven methodology designed to optimize customer contact solutions and ensure that companies make informed choices for multi-channel communicatio...

SIPraCom France

(Call Centers List/France)
SIP based VoIP provider. SIPraCom offers competitives rates and tunrkey solutions for call centers,callshops, Resellers and more...They have many directs routes for carriers in Africa....

Team Trackers France

(Call Centers List/France)
Team Trackers is a joint venture between Europ Assistance, the world leader in assistance services, and Frequence Plus Services, specialist in loyalty programs. Team Trackers leverages the know how...


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