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Call Center Belgium

Call Center Directory is categorized by geographical location, so it should be easy to locate a call center, VOIP company that is of interest to you. Here's the list of call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in the Belgium . You can also check the other call centers, contact centers, BPO, VOIP companies in Belgium containing all information about call centers and job career opportunities.

Call Center, VOIP companies in Belgium
13 call center, VOIP companies found in Belgium .

3Stars Net Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
3Stars Net is a full licensed Belgian operator with VOIP, premium numbers and number portability. 3Stars Net offers free Belgian DID's. 3Stars Net S.A. is a Belgian limited liability company that h...

Belgacom Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
The Belgacom Group (Belgacom S.A. and its subsidiaries) is the dominant telecommunications company in Belgium and a market leader in many fields, particularly in wholesale and retail fixed-line servic...

Belphin Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Belphin is a young and quickly growing company that offers exactly what you have been waiting for decades: extended, high quality telephone services at low costs. Belphin is founded in 2004. Belphin n...

BVBA Telcomserv Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
BVBA Telcomserv in Belgium has been founded in 2004 by Peter Roosens as a company specialized in telecommunication and IT solutions. The founder has been active in telecommunciaton and IT for more tha...

call4less Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium) is a co-branding of is a Internet Telephony company founded in 2005 run by Toneec sprl. call4less offer inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service around th...

Conectys Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Conectys is the leader in multilingual Call Center, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing services. Conectys has delivery centers in multiple locations in Eastern Europe and in Western Eu...

Emtex Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
EMTEX offers professional medical writing services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. These services include short- and long-term or project-based assignments. EMTEX h...

Eyepea Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Eyepea is a VoIP system integrator building solutions around Open Source platforms such as Asterisk, SIP Express Router (SER) etc. Eyepea offers their solutions and services to private enterprises...

Fastcom Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Fastcom, expert in integrated VoIP solutions, can offer affordable, reliable and highly scalable Internet CallShop solution that meets company specific needs. Fastcom solution offers advanced billing ...

IPness NV/SA Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
IPness is a product of The Phone Company nv/sa, The Phone Company of Belgium was formed in 1996, and has been serving large international carriers with high-tech innovative solutions and special value...

Jipo Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Since its creation in 1997, Jipo has developed considerable experience in marketing for the telecommunication and information technology sectors, working in the fields of strategic and operational mar...

VoipRent Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
VoipRent is a Brussels-based company providing high-quality and innovative rental solutions to VoIP Service Providers. We provide a turnkey hosted VoIP softswitch solution where each customer is pr...

Voxbone Belgium

(Call Centers List/Belgium)
Voxbone is the leading VoIP carrier providing centralized access to DID and toll-free numbers around the world. Headquarted in Brussels Belgium, it has expanded its VoIP backbone from Europe to Americ...


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