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YEHS Outsourcing Corporation

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YEHS Outsourcing Corporation

YEHS Outsourcing Corporation (YEHS) is a multi-specialty contact center and business process outsourcing company. YEHS strengths lie in its state-of-the-art technologies and pool of highly skilled and competent professionals who make things happen.

Located outside of the capital where the cost of living is low and the availability of power and bandwidth is at its high. Also, Negros Oriental aside from being the safest province in the Philippines is also one of the provinces that has a complex fiber optic network.

YEHS is continually in pursuit of exploring other possibilities in the outsourcing arena.

YEHS OUTSOURCING CORPORATION, the first Filipino-owned and managed contact center in Oriental Negros, was established in 2006. It is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines. The date of incorporation was on the 13th of June 2006 under Securities and Exchange Commission registration number CS200609094.

Initially, YEHS started training thirty agents last November, a month before the very first outbound campaign was launched.

YEHS is a multi- specialty contact center that offers a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing services. While most contact centers operate in a much commercialized manner, our services are PERSONALIZED and PEOPLE-ORIENTED in its approach.

YEHS is strategically located in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental and is powered by highly skilled and highly trained professionals to produce accurate and cost effective results.

YEHS OUTSOURCING CORPORATION is a dynamic new voice in the outsourcing field, providing solutions to the significant needs of small and medium-sized businesses here and abroad.

Nestled in a backdrop of the coastal, sugarcane provincial region of Oriental Negros, YEHS Outsourcing exists to provide jobs to the community, thus tapping its rich & respectable pool of talented English-speaking knowledge professionals. In a local island culture that breeds simple and unassuming lifestyle, YEHS Outsourcing offers an alternative corporate culture that encourages dynamic personal growth to its people, the community and the economy. Universities in the island produce graduates every year. Arts and Sciences have 538, Business with 720, Nursing and other medical sciences with178, Education with 378, Engineering, Information Technology and Architecture with 522, Law with 61 graduates, Graduate School with 88 and Agriculture with 76 graduates. Some of these graduates top board and bar exams.

The global wave of outsourcing has reached the shores of Oriental Negros, whereby businesses abroad essentially transfer jobs to countries like the Philippines to take advantage of low labor and other operating costs in exchange of assured quality service from the workforce. Many cultured, learned people from our provinces no longer need to migrate to big commercial cities like Manila, Cebu or Davao because opportunities for international business transactions are available right in our own island

YEHS Outsourcing Corporation provides the following services:

- Customer Service
- Order Taking
- Technical Support/Help Desk
- Lead Generation
- Credit Card Transaction Processing
- Appointment setting
- Third Party Verification Service
- Telemarketing
- Direct Advertising
- Business Process Outsourcing
- Outsourced Software Development
- Outsourced IT Support

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YEHS Outsourcing Corporation Job Opportunities:
YEHS Outsourcing Corporation has 1 jobs.

YEHS Outsourcing Job Openings!

Are you looking for a fun work environment that challenges your mind, rewards your accomplishments and recognizes the value you can add to the team? Then YEHS may be the company for you. They not only teach their employees do their jobs, they let them GROW. YEHS Outsourcing Corporation is current ...

YEHS Outsourcing Corporation Locations:

YEHS Outsourcing Corporation Philippines |

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YEHS Outsourcing Corporation record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2007-08-31


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