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Premier Voice

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Premier Voice

Premier Voice is the first performance based network built for Business. Never before has a network been assembled for the singular purpose of raw IP speed. Premier Voice offers direct IP bandwidth to Business Customers via a heavily optimized all-fiber network. The typical ISP model is to provide service via a primary and a backup carrier, Premier Voice uses and real-time matrix of dozens of Tier-1 National and International providers via proprietary routing technology: via the true fastest path. This optimized IP backbone allows increased performance for modern IP convergence services such as VoIP, and IPTV.

Premier Voice's self-healing network monitors and samples traffic making real-time routing adjustments to guarantee your business the fastest possible Internet speeds, while maintaining mission-critical multi-homed redundancy.

Anyone can sell you a T1, Premier Voice can sell you a T1 with a solid guarantee of 100% uptime, and under 50ms of latency from Texas to anywhere in the United States: this high-performance circuit doesn't just make VoIP possible, but enables quality of service higher than that of traditional telephone service.

PremierVoice can provide VoIP Telephone service to any company with Broadband Internet, with all the features of your existing telephone service, and many more. Cust your monthly telephone bills in half with the reduced long distance rates and significantly reduced taxes and fees. Enjoy the many benefits of VoIP such as unlimited calls to the United States and Canada for a low, flat monthly fee, and keep your existing phone numbers.

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Premier Voice Locations:

Premier Voice Texas |

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This company is a SCAM... They dont pay bills and owe a ton of other voip providers money.. Google them... BEWARE!

Premier Voice record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2007-05-10


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