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PhoneOpia is an Internet Based phone Service. Use an IP Phone, a PC Software, a WIFI IP Phone, a Windows Phone, an IP PBX like Asterisk or any other device or software that uses SIP Based Calling.

Phoneopia offers Low Wholesale rates and low entry point for any VOIP Phone provider to use PhoneOpia's service and as well as end users.

Phoneopia is a service of Super Technologies, Inc. who provide telecommunication services since 1999. The headquarters is in Pensacola, Florida, United States.

Phoneopia offers PC to Phone as a core service, via its Active X-based dialer and downloadable PC to Phone software. Since the service is SIP based, it can also be used with any SIP device, appliance or software.

Phoneopia can also be used with Super Phone models 4000, 5000, 5500 and 6000 of Super Technologies, Inc. and by Grand stream, Cisco ATA, and other Cisco series phones.

Phoneopia from over 200 countries use the service. Be a part of this growing community.

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PhoneOpia Job Opportunities:
PhoneOpia has 0 jobs.

PhoneOpia Locations:

PhoneOpia Egypt | PhoneOpia Florida | PhoneOpia India | PhoneOpia Others | PhoneOpia Pakistan | PhoneOpia UK | PhoneOpia United Arab Emirates |

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Super Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation incorporated in Delaware, USA with corporate headquarters in Beautiful Northwest Florida area of Pensacola, FL. The dream became a reality in year 2000 when the first voice call was made over IP, from a public network using a US phone numbe

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Good Day!!! I have been working in a call center for almost 2 years and currently on a visit visa here in dubai seeking for call center jobs. I really want to be a part of SkyCom Communications. My email

PhoneOpia record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2006-11-27


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