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Media Farm Inc.

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Media Farm Inc.

Media Farm was established in year 2000 primarily as a strategic-creative agency that offers a full-range of business-to-business services. In 2002, like many talented Filipino companies, they were bitten by the outsourcing bug and started handling outsourced projects for foreign companies. Because of their significant pool of educators, writers, graphic artists, video producers, animators, and web developers-and because of the strong demand in the foreign market for such talents-the company decided to focus more on projects that required higher levels of creativity and backed by information technology. Thus, the start of their engagements in e-learning. For a number of years, they handled completely foreign projects. Around the same time, they were compelled to setup their office in the United States in order to serve their US clients better. Then, in 2005 the Board felt it was time to share their expertise in e-learning with their fellow Filipinos. They have not completely abandoned the foreign market for obvious commercial reasons. But they take immense pride in saying that they consciously and aggressively seek opportunities to assist Filipino companies and institutions reap the benefits of e-learning. "In our knowledge, we are the ONLY Filipino company that provides e-learning services to the Philippine market-we do it, not as much for the commercial rewards, but more out of a deep passion for education and for our fellow Filipinos".

Media Farm is also engaged in Business Process Outsourcing particularly on Contact Centre Services accounts.

Their BPO/ Contact Centre Services carry out Medical Billing and Collection, Outbound Contacts for professional fundraising for charitable entities/projects; telemarketing and Inbound Contacts for customer support technical support.

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Media Farm Inc. has 0 jobs.

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Media Farm Inc. Philippines | Media Farm Inc. United States |

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Media Farm Inc. record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2008-10-13


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