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Dialost Group is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider with the headquarter in Moscow, Russia and additional operational offices located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. The group consists of three companies – Dialost Limited, Dialost GmbH and Dialost Russia – sharing infrastructure, marketing and support resources. The group provides the following services to its customers:

Collect telephone traffic in former Soviet Union countries and terminate it in Europe
Collect telephone traffic in Europe and terminate it in former Soviet Union countries
Collect VoIP traffic and terminate it in former Soviet Union countries
Dialost Group is a company driven to provide better and more complete services by integrating and using new but proved technologies available on a market. The company’s customer base includes mainly small telephone companies in different countries but also some big names.

Dialost benefits from several strategic partnerships by receiving very competitive pricing on most services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services.

VoIP market is one of the fastest growing markets nowadays. According to Synergy Research Group, a market research firm specialized on emerging technologies, IP telephony market has grown more than 75% in year 2004 to approximately $3bln worldwide.

Competitive threats come from both local and international VoIP providers, including the following companies: Skype, UPC, Multikabel. Most competitors offer services in Europe and USA but not in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries despite the fact their markets are emerging. This is possibility for Dialost to overcome competitors.

The management team of Dialost Group as well as any individual company in a group has a long experience of successfully running ISP and VoIP companies for almost 10 years.

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Dialost has 0 jobs.

Dialost Locations:

Dialost Germany | Dialost Netherlands | Dialost Russia |

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Dialost record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2006-11-30


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