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Strong telephony orientation and superlative data network experience makes Convergence a particularly well suited organization to help develop and mature local markets while transitioning to a new technological and marketing paradigm.

Convergence offers professional consultation, product placement, training and proposal development and response to emerging demands in the Communication Technologies.

Equally important are Convergence activities in the spheres of network optimization, management and performance analysis of communication networks, data centers and call centers.

Convergence provides business critical communication solutions based on open source systems, especially those on Linux, for organizations that operate successfully in todays intensely competitive environment.

Recruit, train and place personnel for domestic and overseas assignments.

Similarly, Convergence extensive data network security roles currently help secure some of the most critical communication networks in Pakistan. Singularly identified as a reliable source for communication encryption and data security needs, Convergence helps clients attain and maintain privacy in all aspects of their business.

They cater to specific security requirements for business critical systems including telecommunication networks, public Internet services and closed networks including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption technologies and other network components to gauge the effectiveness of such networks and such technologies.

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