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Bizzsource is one of the fastest growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers in India. Through its high-tech contact center based at New Delhi, the capital city of India, Bizzsource is determined to and set the benchmark for service standards globally. As organizations across the globe realize the need to increase the efficiency of their processes and concentrate on core activities offshoring and outsourcing to Asian countries, especially India has become a reliable and common practice followed by the most of them all over the world.

Bizzsource provide outsourcing solutions to professionals and companies through our Telemarketing, email and web-enabled services maintaining best quality standards. Bizzsource successful products and services include.

-Best Quality Telemarketed Mortgage Leads
-Loan processing
-Inbound and Outbound Sales
-Inbound customer support
-Outbound Collections

Bizzsource focus industries and segments include

-Credit cards
-Entertainment and Travel & Hospitality

With the fast changing international business environment, Bizzsource has adapted itself to lend a strategic dimension to its way of work. Unlike any normal Business Process Outsourcing company we believe that BPO no longer means performing the tasks as specified by the clients rather it is an ongoing process where an active BPO service provider like Bizzsource adds the knowledge, creativity and efforts to optimize the processes. Bizzsource focus is to build long and understanding relationships with their clients, they view themselves as a strategic extension of their capacity instead of working as an external source.

Bizzsource objective is to ensure our customers get the best by providing them the benefits of outsourcing and efficiently managing the projects on the basis of our process management skills and dedication. As a result Bizzsource enjoy an impressive reputation with all their customers and appreciation for their efficient work and honesty.

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Bizzsource India |

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Beware of Bizzsource, They Have stolen over 2000USD from my firm. They promised leads that never delivered any results. Most leads were taken out of phone directories. Contacts were in Do Not Call lists and were never interested. Stay away from this compa

I would stay away they stole 2000 USD from my company. Never delivered any quality leads. CLients were on donotcall lists a waste of money and employee time

Be careful with this company. They gave you a very convincing presentation. But the leads are not exclusive as promised and are very poor. I dealed with She gave promise after promise to refund incomplete and poor quality

Bizzsource record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2006-11-29


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