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Asiatelecom established in 1997 and has started its journey after the birth of IP Telephony when nobody was sure that this technology could take the place of traditional telephony. Asiatelecom has a long story of efforts and struggles which brought Asiatel to a point finally where today Asiatel customers from the world's largest traditional voice carriers to Calling cards distributors, are benefiting today from that next generation technology.

Asiatelecom operates AsiaTeleNet, the fastest growing global network for voice on the Internet. Asiatel main switching facility is located at Delaware. Today, the company includes more than 150 partners - telecommunication companies across the world with over 85 IP (Internet Protocol) points of presence (PoPs) mostly in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Asiatel is having more PoPs in strategically highly attractive destinations then any other similar networks. It is becoming the most cost-effective network in the world for traditional phone-to-phone calling and the global network providing consistently high voice quality.

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AsiaTelecom Delaware |

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AsiaTelecom record in Call Center Directory was last updated 2006-12-01


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