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What is real time Analyst?

Date Posted: 2011-10-26

The job real time analyst sprang out of the emergence of the call center industry. A real time analyst is a person who is essentially tasked to analyze incoming call statistics. In particular, he/ she monitors the number or volume of incoming calls per hour or per day, the number of hours spent by an agent on a single call as well as how long an agent gets away from their desk, among others. It is said to be “real time” because analysis is conducted on calls that are in real time or at present.

The job of a real time analyst is important as it helps management to know which hours in a day, which days in the week or which months in the year has the most volume of calls so that they appropriately act and effectively decide appropriate staffing to ensure that they accommodate calls within their established goals. By knowing in advance when calls are most in demand, management can immediately plan their staffing requirements that corresponds to market demands. In particular, it allows management to know how to properly schedule their staff so that they optimize their productivity, hire additional agents during peaks hours or peak seasons and reduce staff during off times or off seasons.

In a nutshell, the real time analyst helps management optimize their staffing requirements. Aside from being able to accommodate more calls, the analyst also helps in maintaining quality service by preventing the exodus of calls to agents, which can be stressful.

Among the typical duties of a real time analyst included: ensuring optimum service levels are attained, monitoring system and process loss times, monitoring strict observance of employee to work schedule or shifts, preparing call forecasts, preparing variance between forecasts and actual inbound turn ins, creating a database of skill deficiencies that may entail personnel training to address, maintaining affirmative relationships with both agents and vendors and customers to makes sure that individual and shared objectives are achieved.

A person interested to become a real time analyst should ideally have an extensive call center experience because it entails one to be familiar on call handling. Before one can analyze the operations of the business, one should apparently be knowledgeable of the business operations. The candidate must have a strong personality to influence and motivate people without necessarily having direct authority over them.

He/ she must have some basic statistical knowledge background. As an analyst, a potential candidate must be keen on details and has ability to identify patterns or trends in service level routines. He/ she must be capable of determining alternative courses of action to address, remedy or maintain high quality support service delivery. He/ she must obviously be computer literate being in a technology based industry and preferably knowledgeable on data treatment applications such as MS Excel for effectively and efficiently conducting statistical computations as preparing clear reports. And finally being in a fast phase call center industry, a real time analyst must have the multitasking abilities in a high pressure and cross cultural environment.

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