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What is Positive Scripting?

Date Posted: 2011-09-20

I had worked as a call center agent for about 5 years and had been part of both customer service and technical support programs. While some say that the scripting or choice of words used in customer service vary with that in technical support, I actually disagree. For me, they’re just the same. After all, regardless of the product or service that your client is selling, all businesses want two things only – to make profit and to serve their customers. And what do customers want? Great service! Whether it’s about their credit card statement, flight itineraries, or internet subscription, customers want and demand great service. However, problems will always be inevitable. Downtimes and outages will be there, because hey, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Sure, there’s an outage, or the website’s down, or the plane’s been grounded due to technical problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to say NO to a customer. As said, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”. This statement holds very much true, especially when dealing with frustrated or agitated customers. The last thing they would want to hear are negative statements like NO, CAN'T, and WON'T.

What if it is part of company policies you ask? Well, there’s this thing in the call center called "positive scripting". Although some experts say that there’s no better way of serving customers than being able to improvise and personalize a call, positive scripting can help turn an agitated customer into a more open-minded and understanding one.

For example, if the customer calls in to change his or her flight time when the airline policy strictly says that no changes are allowed on the day of the flight, instead of saying:

"No sir, I can’t change your flight."

Why not say:

"Since airline policies pretty much have my hands tied about changing your itinerary, how about I book you a new flight instead?"

Although both sentences pretty much say NO to the customer, the latter one comes across better because you are giving the customer an option. Just saying NO to a customer without any other resolution is like you saying "Sorry, there’s nothing more I can do for you so just hang up already so I can take in another call". This can give the customer an ill feeling, like being shooed away, whereas the second approach, even though the bottomline still means no changes are allowed, the wordings still give the customer as sense of being valued instead of being just shooed away.

Use positive scripting in your calls. Not only does it make your callers more understanding, but it can also increase your CSAT score and decrease your AHT.

LWS Media is a worldwide leader in call center services, offering clients with a diverse line up of services that promise to increase client branding and market performance. Through collaborative efforts with its customers, the company is committed in bringing innovation to its customer's operations.

What is Positive Scripting?
By Digi-Ana Walit

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