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Technical Exams in Call Center

Date Posted: 2011-11-02

In the modern age, business process outsourcing has taken a big leap around the globe mainly because of three reasons namely: worldwide standardization and availability of hardware and software platforms; better but cheaper telecommunications and the dispersal of the Internet as a global communications channel. Attesting to this boom is the emergence of numerous call centers in the Philippines and other BPO companies offering computer programming, writing services, telemarketing, back end support operations such as order management and billing, as well as web hosting and development among others. They key to the upsurge of business process outsourcing is technology thatís why learning technology is at the heart of any business process outsourcing service especially in the call center industry. This translates for the need for technical exams in the call center industry.

Technical exams in the call center basically pertain to the tests taken by potential agents or applicants that pertain to technology. Simply put, technical tests refer to computer skills tests. This test is mainly based on English because apparently most technological terms are in English. The test usually covers basic knowledge on computers including, the purpose of a computer, the different hardware that makes up a computer as well as its functions, the peripheral equipment attached to a computer such as input and output devices as well as simple computer terms.

The test also includes questions about the software part of the computer particularly the operations systems, the different application programs and most especially the special system that is particularly used by the company in operating the computer. And because these are technical skills, practical hands on tests are required to test those skills instead of merely answering paper based questions like multiple choice question formats. The technical exams in a call center essentially pertains to tests that relates to how an agent operates a computer, which is ultimately the single most important device that one will use in performing work or rendering service to customers. Apart from technical skills, other equally important tests that one undertakes include proper communication skills, etiquette, analytical and logical ability and customer service strategies.

Technical support agents had additional technical tests to take and pass in order to qualify in the call center business. As their name implies, tech support agent provide technical advice, instructions, remedies, trouble shooting procedures, etc to customers. Hence aside from the technical computer skills that one needs to take, they also have additional technical tests that they take, which particularly pertain to the product or service they give support to.

For instance, a tech support agent handling an account for an Internet Service Provider, must obviously be knowledgeable on Internet set up operations such as technical configuration procedures for changing IP addresses, Subnet masks and other related items. On the other hand, a tech support agent handling an account for a specific gadget such as a smart phone or a camera is required to have sufficient technical knowledge on how to operate and troubleshoot these devices for them to effectively provide support. In which case, the technical test in this call center would include tests that involve technical knowledge for said devices.

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