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Tagalog Call Centers

Date Posted: 2011-10-26

Call center offices had long been around in business. Many companies have traditionally formed call center offices as a specialized department that handles specific call activities in the operations of their business. For instance, banks and other financial intermediaries that offer credit cards usually have call center departments whose particular function is to call and remind delinquent credit cardholders, demand for payments or update their accounts. Manufacturing companies also often have call centers that handle after sales service or technical support service to their customers who have brought their products.

In the last two decades however, the boom in the call center industry started to occur essentially because of the Internet which facilitated cheap and efficient cross country telecommunications. Because of this, many call centers had been established that serve customers from abroad or handle calls from abroad. Because of this, there had been a common misconception that call centers are automatically English call centers. Tagalog call centers actually do exist.

These call centers are basically call centers that cater the local market or particularly the Filipino market. Many local companies set a Tagalog call center to render service to the Filipino speaking customers. As mentioned earlier, most credit card companies put up a Tagalog call center to serve their Tagalog speaking customers. If one would call for credit card customer service assistance for instance, the caller would be prompted to choose language preference, usually English or Tagalog by pressing a particular number. If one chooses Tagalog as language preference, the call will be routed to a Tagalog call center.

In the same token, most telecommunication companies also have a Tagalog call center like Smart and Globe. If one chooses a Tagalog as language preference, then the call is routed to a Tagalog speaking call center agent. Moreover, most companies that cater the wide Filipino market, often has a Tagalog call center although itís necessarily called a Tagalog call center but simply a customer service call center.

The possibility of a Tagalog call center that caters the Filipino market abroad is not a far possibility especially in the United States. Considering the continuously increasing number of Filipino Americans abroad, it is second largest Asian American population and increasing popularity of the Filipino language in the US (Tagalog is in the top five most spoken dialect in the US), there is indeed a possibility of putting up a Tagalog call center that will specially cater to Filipino speaking Americans.

The idea of a Tagalog call center follows the same rationale for English call centers, it allows the facilitation of better communication and understanding between the client and the company. If that happens, that would definitely translate to more job opportunities for Filipinos. And this time, customer agent wonít have difficulty in imitating or faking American accents, which nevertheless sounds obvious. Moreover, Tagalog call center agents wonít have difficulty in expressing themselves and explaining matters better to customers. Finally, that would help put to end another common misconception among Filipinos that a person that speaks English is intelligent.

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