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Surviving Long Days of Work

Date Posted: 2011-10-11

If you are working in a call center and you are assigned to an inbound account, chances are you are in for a high call volume. High volume days mean overtime hours for all agents to compensate to be able to achieve the client required service level. There would also be cases when you need to render work even on your days off.

The first week would be okay but then if that scenario drags on for months, you could definitely end up burned out. Christmas is fast approaching and its going to be a busy season for call centers handling order taking accounts. Agents should be ready for work, more work, and still more work.

This will eventually lead to stressful days at the office. Sure you will be compensated for all those hard work but are you really up to working for days on end?

If you are starting to feel pain on your lower back, sudden stiffness with your wrist, or just plain tired for having to render long days of work, reading this article could definitely do you good. We will give you some tips on how you can cope with long days of work as well as stress in the workplace.

Call center jobs can be very demanding and what better way to combat it is to ensure that you get adequate sleep. It is very difficult to work properly if you are sleepy on the floor. It will increase your chances of making errors with the transactions you are processing; this will eventually lead poor performance. Making a mistake with a transaction could also result to a customer becoming irate. These things will just add on to your stress. Just get enough sleep, period! All things will eventually follow.

Stressed call center agents unconsciously vent out their frustrations on their customers resulting to being rude to them. Your life as a call center is not complete if you have not been yelled at even once. So next time a customer raises his or her voice on you, breathe in and relax you need to be patient and do not yell back. Nothing sounds better on the phone than a calm and composed agent, and you can be sure that the customer will eventually tone done. Do not stress yourself out remember that it is not always personal.

If you have been working as a call center for quite sometime, it wont hurt if you try to apply for a higher position within the company. A better way to be considered for a promotion is you got to have good performance with respect to the call center metrics, your attendance and punctuality record, and your overall attitude. If you want to be able to stop taking calls, make sure you give a good performance and in no time at all, your hard work will eventually pay off. It could be time for you to move on a different jungle!

If you are working in a call center, chances are you have not been able to bond with your family and friends back home since you need to report for duty even during weekends and holidays. What you can do to survive long days of work is to make friends with your colleagues. You guys are together day in and day out! Having friends that you can laugh with during the duration of your shift is a great stress reliever.

Stress and anxiety its all in the mind! Be positive at how you look at the job at hand. Positive energy attracts positive results. Learn to love your job and learn to have fun thats the only way you can survive long days of work.

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