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Nursing Graduates To Call Center

Date Posted: 2011-10-05

There are thousands of nursing graduates nowadays trying their luck to land a job most especially in the Land of Promises, United States. Unfortunately, because of less experience and lack of money to process some requirements to get the job post, their job applications are rejected. There are a lot of nursing graduates who doesn't have a job because of that reason. The main problem to this is just like any kind of business in the world, hospitals have this great distress budget cuts as well. Hospitals are greatly affected by financial crisis as well. They may be short with nurses however they cannot afford to hire one because of that. At the end of this, where do fresh nursing graduates apply?

Most fresh nursing graduates apply temporarily in call centers as call center agents. As we all know, there are several contact centers in the Philippines and as well as in India. Let us consider the fact that most nursing graduates or even medical technology graduates land as call center agents because of the pay as well. It is not about getting a good job anymore. It is now about having a good pay that can raise you up out of financial crisis. When you come to think of a nursing job and a call center job, there is a great difference when we speak of the work done as call centers and work done as a nurse. There is so much pressure in becoming a nurse.

You need to attend to a sick person and most especially, you need to make them feel safe when they feel so unhealthy already. You want to keep them alive but there are times that you fail on that for a certain reason and that is so hard to accept. You have to work on a rotating schedule in a very busy place. Compared to a call center agent, where the pay is much better to a nurse, it is much more relaxing. When you go home after the shift, you feel better already. Call Center jobs are really challenging and hard as well, however, when you think of comparing it to dealing with being on a life and death situation, or getting emotional stress while on duty, there is no question that it is better to be a call center agent then.

Should you be a fresh nursing graduate, will you also think of applying in a call center job as well just like most professional nurses do? Are you in dire need of financial help so to keep up with the payables that you have in your family? Do you wish to handle stress in the office or stress in the hospital? Are you capable of taking care of customers on the phone dealing with problems regarding their internet connection at home or their bank finances perhaps or can you take care of an old lady bedridden in the hospital waiting for the straight line to happen? Think of answers to these questions and you will definitely be able to determine in which path you should be going.

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