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Mental Movies That Sell! (2005-10-25)

When you watch a scary movie you get scared and your body tenses up. When you watch a sad movie you feel sad and even cry sometimes. When you watch a funny movie you get happy and even laugh. As you can see, your subconscious mind can't tell what's real and what's fantasy. You can create men ...

Prospecting From Your Trash Can (2005-10-25)

Before you throw out those old leads, consider that today's trash could be tomorrow's sale. Don Freda of Articulate Global in New York City flew to Ann Arbor, MI to present his software solution to the University of Michigan. During the meeting he discovered that although his solution could help ...

To Sell to a Woman, You Must Understand the Woman (2005-10-25)

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Truer words have never been spoken, especially when we consider the progress that women have made in society. Their hands no longer stick to rocking the cradle, but they still rule the world. If you are to succeed in marketing a ...

3 Mindset Changes To Increase Your Sales And Profits (2005-10-25)

Consumers Are Individual Customers The idea of mass marketing to consumers is outdated. Consumers are individuals and deserve to be called customers. The days are gone when marketers can think of consumers as a mass audience to "push" advertising out to. In fact, wise marketers will remov ...

Gimme a Break! (2005-10-25)

Remember, when you write your sales copy, that you are not a lecturer and your potential customer is not the audience. The three required building blocks of great sales copy are Introducing the product, Arguing why it is the best value or quality, and Proving your substantiations. This is a fa ...

Psychology Sells (2005-10-25)

It's no secret. The more you know about the psychology of selling, the more sales you will make. If you do business on the internet, it is extremely important that you know how to effectively communicate to your audience using the written word. The problem is, your audience isn't one massive ...

The Forgotten Art of Listening (2005-10-24)

I was having lunch at a bistro in St. Paul de Vence, a picturesque hill town in the south of France. In my fractured French, I tried to order a bottle of beer. "Je voudrais une bouteille de biere, sil vous plait." I would like a bottle of beer, I told the waitress. "In a can," she replied. ...

Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating (2005-10-24)

The ability to negotiate successfully is crucial for survival in today's changing business world. Negotiation is fun if you know what you're doing. So for all you busy execs, here are Ed Brodow's Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating: Many salespeople are afraid to stand by their price structure b ...

Building a Sales Pipeline (2005-10-24)

Many of my clients have asked me what their sales people can do to increase their pipeline with qualified leads. The simple answer is to spend more time on effective business development activities. Such activities necessitate at least 20% of a sales reps time and include, but are not limited to: ...

Can Customer Service Representatives Become Proactive? (2005-10-24)

We want our inside salespeople to use some of their time to shift into the proactive mode to make outbound phone contact to existing and new business. I wish I had $5.00 for every time I came across this issue. I would have retired years ago. Let me answer it in two ways. First, how do you g ...

How to Recognize a Great Salesperson (2005-10-24)

Doing business with great salespeople can make a big impact on your bottom line. What should you, a business-to-business customer, expect from the sales professionals who are asking for your time? This is a question you may not have considered. If pressed you'd likely say, "Well, I expect him or ...

The Six Steps To Solid Sales Success (2005-10-24)

Solid sales success is attainable for sales people in all professions. What they must first do is gain better control of their selling skills. Too often the salesperson feels that they’re at a loss when entering a client's domain. It's not unusual for salespeople to say that they “just ...

Ringing True - telemarketing - Brief Article (2005-10-20)

Three easy ways to sell better on the phone Selling over the phone is never as easy as selling face to face. But even when you have a large number of calls to make in a small amount of time, the one thing you can do is build rapport. Rapport is built on good listening skills and the ability ...

Before the End of the Day... (2005-10-20)

Selling is a process of moving the sales person forward by setting and meeting specific objectives. The problem is many sales people set over ambitious objectives for themselves, which only result in frustration and failure. Objectives should be obtainable and action oriented. The objectives set ...

Why Buyers Develop a Sense a Fear? (2005-10-20)

Whether their fears real or perceived, they are real in the prospect’s mind. Consequently, if fueled by outside influences can result in the total loss of the sale. The sales person must learn to recognize fear as a natural step in the sales process. It needs to be anticipated and identif ...

Biggest Sales Mistakes (2005-10-20)

The competitive sales environment demands a total dedication to both the job and the sales profession. As the customer becomes more sophisticated and demanding, the most common sales mistakes listed below telegraph a distinct message to the customer - that you as a sales person are only interested i ...

Beat That Objection (2005-10-20)

Objections are a way of life for all sales reps. How often have we been stopped in our tracks by an unexpected objection? Most objections are caused by the sales person who is attempting to force the sale. Perhaps they have failed to properly initially qualify the prospect or they are attempting to ...

The Characteristics of a Great Sales Person (2005-10-20)

Selling is a profession and not simply a job. It takes time, dedication and commitment to be successful. However it is a profession which pays for the personal commitment of the sales person. Many people outside of the profession are astonished at the amount of time and preparation required to b ...

Close It Now! (2005-10-20)

Many sales people have a real problem closing the sale. The reason is they fear the personal rejection. Upon examination, they have a better than 50% chance to close the sale. If they've done a credible job, then their chances increase dramatically. However, if the prospect is allowed to stall, ther ...

A Cure for the Cold Calling Blues (2005-10-20)

Many sales people dread the prospect of cold calling. This is often fueled by their personal fears of rejection and failure. Rather than considering these rejections as a business decision, they tend to take them personally. Consequently, they see the entire process as something to dread, rather tha ...


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