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Magic Of Getting People To Buy By Playing With Their Mind (2005-11-09)

What if you can understand and control your customer’s mind? What if you can influence, persuade and motivate your customers to buy from you? Well, I’m not talking about a magic trick or lay down a lesson of motivation. It’s about understanding the different reactions made by t ...

Assumptions – The Hidden Sales Killer (2005-11-09)

Assumptions can kill a sale. In my sales training workshops, I frequently discuss the importance of not making assumptions about a person before, during, or after the sales process. Participants frequently nod and tell me that they NEVER make assumptions. One person (Doug Maquire, www.MaquireMarketi ...

Why Should I Buy From You? (2005-11-09)

Virtually every person who enters your business has this question in their mind. To truly maximize your revenues you need give people a reason to buy from you versus a competitor. This article will explore a few strategies that will help you differentiate yourself from your competition. First, it ...

Achieving Sales Empowerment. Arming your sales people to realize success (2005-11-08)

Did you know that the typical enterprise sales executive spends only about 30% of their time in sales related activities ? Or that up to 80% of the leads generated by marketing are never acted upon by sales ? This qualitative and quantitative information points to a real problem within our industry ...

10 Proven Tips to Land the Sales Job You Really Want (2005-11-08)

I see the job situation gradually improving. Companies are hiring, because executives in many industries are optimistic. They are also more willing than ever before to let go of underperformers and look for better talent. At the same time, sales professionals are moving around more than ever before, ...

The Sales Rep / Sales Manager Relationship (2005-11-08)

Where else can a person out earn his boss, or even his boss's boss? That situation alone, as you can imagine, can be unmanageable.Have you ever worked with wonderful sales managers as well as managers who drove what was a well-functioning organization into a tailspin? Let's explore various issues a ...

17 Ways To "Retool" For Successful 21st Century Selling (2005-11-08)

Excerpted From How Winners Sell: 21 Proven Strategies To Outsell Your Competition and Win The Big Sale 1. Make a business-oriented portal your home page. Set aside twenty minutes each morning to scan the news about your top three customers, clients, or prospects and their top three customers, sup ...

How to Hire Great Salesreps (2005-11-08)

During the economic downturn of the past two years, numbers of sales executives flushed their least effective salespeople from their teams. In some industries, things are presently looking up. Many of my clients are hiring again, backfilling those open slots. This time however, they will be hiri ...

How to Outsell a Competitor Who Slashes Their Price to Win (2005-11-08)

A number of my subscribers and clients have come back to me with a question: I'm the Goliath. How do I compete against the smaller, more agile David out there who drastically discounts to win business? Red Alert. First of all, once you learn that one of your competitors in a deal has "bought" bu ...

Eliminating Objections (2005-11-08)

Objections are trouble - pure and simple! And anyone who tells you to embrace them because it means you're one step closer to the sale is living in the past. Customers who have an objection about your product or service are functionally unable to listen to you. While you're busy asking them ques ...

Are You Asking Provocative Questions? (2005-11-08)

The other night on TV, I saw an ESPN special on the Football Hall of Fame. Just before the final commercial break, the announcer said something like, "When we get back, you'll have a chance to learn what we asked these Hall-of-Famers." Then they showed clip after clip of the most famous football ...

Guidelines for good telemarketing scripts: these seven ingredients should be an integral part of your approach (2005-11-08)

You're about to launch a major telephone campaign to shore up your circulation and compensate for a recent uptick in churn on the back end. Corporate management is counting on you--the campaign is a big investment and you must succeed. You've pulled a list, cleaned it, checked it and have a lot of c ...

Secrets That Lead To Failure In Sales (2005-11-08)

Let’s be realistic nobody really wants to be labeled a failure when it comes to sales, unfortunately many business minded people are just that when it comes to selling their product or service. I have gathered a few tips I’d like to share that can prevent you from succeeding in sales and ...

How To ‘Cross-Sell’ And ‘Sell Up’ Over The Telephone (2005-11-08)

Call centres are a land of missed opportunities. Every call whether inbound or outbound is an opportunity to make a sale or to build a pipeline for a future sale. At the very least there is scope for selling a bigger quantity (selling up) or to sell additional products / services (cross-selling). He ...

Connecting You with Your Customers: The Value of Relationship Marketing (2005-10-28)

The purpose of all businesses, regardless of what it offers, is to create and retain customers. Using marketing strategies that build loyalty to your product and brand can help you win customers for the long term. Relationship marketing is more than just sending a list of prospects the same email ne ...

Cultivate Market Perception (2005-10-28)

Developing your positioning statement and key marketing messages is essential to establishing your market perception. To do an effective job of developing your messages and positioning, you need to understand the difference between these two types of messages. A positioning statement should expr ...

Why Customer Satisfaction Plus? (2005-10-28)

In the recent past, business was pretty straight forward. Customers requested service; we provided it; they were happy; end of story. Today, that model has changed dramatically. First, good technical and product knowledge are assumed by external customers. They now measure service quality by the way ...

It's Ok To Negotiate - REALLY! (2005-10-28)

Sarah is a young woman who attended one of my sales negotiation training programs shortly after taking a new job. When I asked her how she did with her salary negotiation, she replied, "Well, I didn't negotiate. I was offered $44,000 and I took it. "Why didn't you negotiate?" I asked. "Because I ...

You don't know what you don't know. (2005-10-28)

I love The Washington Post's slogan, "If you don't get it, you don't get it." And it's true, if you don't read The Post; you don't know what's going on in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Maybe I just like the double entendre, but it says so much. In the case of market research, you really don't know wha ...

Why Salespeople Don't Work Out (2005-10-26)

The net effect of any of these reasons is poor results: MEDIOCRE PRODUCTION, SALES PERSON CHURN, and FRUSTRATION on the part of management, ownership, and shareholders. 1. The “Just take the ball and run with it” mistake Business owners and managers who are either burned out from be ...


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