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How to Handle Resistance (2006-01-16)

Do you ever meet with resistance from other people - I bet you do! It might be a customer, a colleague, a member of your team or even someone in your personal life. Dealing with resistance or objections is one of the biggest challenges faced by business people; so let's consider why we get resi ...

10 Ways To Keep Your Sales Above Water! (2005-12-27)

1. Sign-up to win web site awards. When you win, some award sites publish your web site link, name and description on their site. 2. Join online business associations or clubs. If you join, they will usually list all their members on their web site. It will give your business extra exposure. ...

Voice Mail That Sells (2005-12-27)

As a business owner, I receive my share of sales calls in a given month. More often than not, I’m away from my desk or out of the office which means I end up listening to the messages instead of speaking directly with the sales person. Here are a few of the common mistakes I notice and how you ...

Selling To Your Difficult Person (2005-12-08)

We all have people whom we find difficult. We don't understand them, connect with them, or even talk comfortably with them. But, when we own a one person business, seeing someone as difficult gets in the way of our selling effectively and their buying wisely. It is easy to blame the other person. ...

Mind Set That Helps You Get New Clients (2005-12-08)

If you are a sales person, a professional who needs to fill your practice, or a new business owner looking to find clientele to whom you can sell your new products, your success will depend on your ability to promote yourself and/or what you have to offer. Oftentimes, people will start in to a new b ...

Listen Your Way To Sales Success! (2005-12-08)

There are many factors and variables that affect our sales on any given day. There is however, one key skill that will increase help you increase your sales immediately. Listen to your customer! That's it! That's all it takes to close more sales. Sounds simple doesn't it? Unfortunately, the m ...

10 Sure-Fire Ways To Multiply Your Sales (2005-11-10)

With so much competition for business out there, how can a business owner continue to have and even create more sales? Here's some tips that will add sizzle to your profits. 1. Make an offer they simply can't refuse. Use valuable free bonuses to create a sense of urgency for your visitors to ...

How to Make Cold Calling Work for Your Business (2005-11-10)

Yes, I know most of us hate cold calling. But for many B2B businesses it can be a cost-effective way to generate quality leads. I'm not necessarily an advocate for cold calling but I am an advocate for doing what works and doing it well so you get the best return possible. If cold calling is acce ...

Do You Have The Most Desirable Selling "Mindset" (2005-11-10)

If your mind is set, you will be unable to change your mindset. For example Christopher Columbus . . . He was born in 1451 in Genoa, the son of a wool merchant and weaver. Do you recall what the conventional thinking or "Mindset" was about the shape of the globe at that time? It was believed to ...

12 Ways To Outsell Your Competition! (2005-11-10)

The keys to outselling your competition is to compare your product to theirs. When you find the differences between products, use your findings to improve your product. Below are 12 things you can compare and improve upon to outsell your competition. 1. Price- Can you offer a lower price? Can ...

Are you scaring away potential customers? (2005-11-10)

Since the launch of we have been regularly inundated by sales pitches from Internet and technology firms from all over the globe. We would think it a positive thing - since the world is obviously finding us - except that its quite apparent from most of the messages we've receive ...

How To Use The Telephone To Find The Right Person And Make The Sale (2005-11-10)

The telephone is probably the most personal and powerful selling tool ever invented. You can reach almost anyone anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. You can be helpful, personable, and immediately respond to questions, concerns, and needs. It is no wonder that telephone selling is at ...

10 Uncommon Ways To Increase Your Sales! (2005-11-10)

1. Most people like surprises because it's a change of pace from their routine. Tell your prospects that they'll get a surprise free bonus for ordering. 2. Most people want life to be easier. Give your prospects easy ordering instructions, easy product instructions, etc. 3. Most people wan ...

The Moral of the Story is...Use Stories to Sell (2005-11-10)

Every story has an emotional response to elicit. When campers are sitting around a fire in the dark woods, they tell stories that generate fear and excitement; stories about psychotic killers with hooks for hands, and teenagers who pick up strange hitchhikers. When women have lunch with their ...

Overcome Objections and Close the Sale (2005-11-10)

Unfortunately, the first two orders many new salespeople receive are “get out and stay out!” It is human nature for your prospect to procrastinate when asked to make a decision involving money. Studies indicate that a prospect will say no on average five times before they actually buy. A ...

The Art of Cold Calling (2005-11-10)

What ingredients go into a successful cold calling campaign? A program that most people need or want, a good script, a lot of leads, and a great attitude! But where do you get these things and how do you tell if they are good or bad? When evaluating a program you must ask yourself 5 key qu ...

Telephone Selling Tips (2005-11-10)

The telephone is still one of the top ways to sell. You can pick up a phone, reach just about anyone in the world, and get a very sincere conversation going. This ability to use the phone to go anywhere and achieve a special rapport with customers makes the telephone an indispensable selling ...

Resistance - How to Handle It (2005-11-09)

Do you ever meet with resistance from other people - I bet you do! It might be a customer, a colleague, a member of your team or even someone in your personal life. Dealing with resistance or objections is one of the biggest challenges faced by business people; so let's consider why we get resi ...

7 Tips for an Organized Sales Person (2005-11-09)

1. Keep a list of your biggest prospects on a spreadsheet. Develop a system for following up with each one. Keep track of where you are in the follow-up system with each prospect. 2. List your customers on a spreadsheet. Develop a system for following up with your customers on a regular basis. Ke ...

Being The Best – What Does It Take? (2005-11-09)

As I read an article from a Continental Airlines Magazine (The Technovangelist, by Kevin Markey) about Philips Components which is the worlds largest supplier of drives, subassemblies and components for TV and is number one in LCD screens and screens for handheld devices like the one I am typing on ...


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