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RP best call center location, says US firm (2007-05-30)

The Philippines is the best location for American companies to outsource call center services. This was revealed by Telesource International of US yesterday through its director Jim McCubin who said that Filipino call center agents have "near flawless accent that gives them an edge over other ca ...

Competition compels call centers to source manpower needs outside Manila (2007-05-30)

Stiff market competition for capable and competent individuals has driven some call center companies to look outside Manila to fill in the thousands of vacant call center seats next year, the top executive of call center firm ClientLogic said. According to ClientLogic Philippine country manage ...

Free IP Call : Business Concept (2007-02-22)


Simple Sales Strategy: Ask Questions! (2006-06-28)

Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. In case you didn't get this, ask questions! Asking questions is one of the most powerful keys to successful selling. It really is. So, why should you ask questions? Ask questions to find out if you can help/serve your potential client. By asking questi ...

Is VoIP the 'Next Big Thing' in Telecommunications? (2006-04-17)

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol has been simmering for the past few years. This year the market has heated up. Many large businesses have jumped on the VoIP bandwagon and have realized savings of 50-percent or more off their phone bills. VoIP providers are competing to add to or replace large P ...

Make the Most out of Every Sales Opportunity! (2006-04-10)



Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits. But you're losing sales if you don't automatically provide all three. 1. FAST RESULTS Prospective customers may take a long time deciding whether or not they wi ...

Voice over IP Offers Your Business an Inexpensive Alternative To Toll Free Numbers (2006-03-29)

New businesses can now let their customers contact them for free or inexpensively with the use of Voice over IP telephony, without having to lease the ever more expensive toll free numbers offered by many telecoms companies around the world. With Voice over IP telephony, local numbers can be setup i ...

Want More Customers? Be Overt! (2006-03-29)

The essence of being overt is to be clear and assure your prospective customer understands exactly what you want them to understand about the benefits, difference, and reasons to believe in the outstanding value of your offering. In my business I see a lot of customer communication materials. Unf ...

Communicate The Problem...Get The Client (2006-03-18)

Here’s the scenario: You‘re at a gathering and you come across someone who would be a perfect client for your business. You engage in a conversation and the inevitable question comes up. “What do you do?” You get excited, your eyes light up. “This is it, thi ...

Future Business Key Element In Sales (2006-03-17)

A challenge facing many businesses is how to maintain a constant stream of customers in order to provide a regular cash flow. One method is to choose a location that ensures a steady flow of traffic past the door, creating a constant awareness of the business. While position is important, it is n ...

How to Triple Your Closing Ratio? (2006-03-16)

Imagine I could put you in a giant stadium right now as the presenter, and the entire audience is completely comprised of your most perfect prospects. Are you ready right now? Could you walk out on that stage and present to every one of them and do it perfectly? Now before you say yes, let me make t ...

Is VoIP Good For The Home? (2006-03-13)

There is no doubt that you have heard about VoIP by now. It’s made headlines and is plastered everywhere both in online and TV advertisements. Just in case you haven’t caught on to the hype yet, VoIP is the abbreviated term for Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol i ...

How to choose VoIP service without losing your shirt (2006-03-13)

Voip. Just mentioning the word to yourself either brings up images of walking in a new city where the grass is greener, or it brings up fear of the unknown. Some will tread carefully around the subject, waiting to hear others opinions about a specific service and some may charge fearlessly into a ...


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has grown in popularity recently and with that rise in popularity has come a number of common misconceptions and confusion. Global Value Connect ( has complied this simple guide to address some of these most common questions an ...

VoIP - What is the Problem? (2006-03-10)

In the beginning, when the Internet Protocol was first designed, no one was thinking about the possibilities of sending audio and video. Real time communication was not an issue. Perhaps the greatest single problem is that the Internet Protocol (the IP part of VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol) ...

The Lowdown on VoIP (2006-02-02)

It seems like technology is headed for a massive telephone change over. The traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is looking to be replaced by VoIP. VoIP is short for Voice over IP. VoIP is the routing of conversations over an IP network or the Internet. VoIP uses a packet-switched ne ...

The "Wall of Defensiveness": 7 Ways to Tear It Down (2006-02-01)

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you realize that your prospects keep stereotyping you as a "salesperson"? And because of that, they don't give you the trust and openness that you deserve, and that are essential if you're going to help them solve their problems? That's what's been happening t ...

Winning and winning consistently! (2006-01-20)

Firstly, let me dispell one of the great urban myths about selling. Winning matters but it is not everything. Well I have got news for you because winning is everything and if you are involved in sales, winning is the only thing that matters. What we all have to do is remember that the "rule ...

Touchdown - Closing Skills for Successful Selling (2006-01-16)

It’s early January 2004. The Green Bay Packers are just 72 seconds away from their fourth NFC Championship game. They have a three-point lead over the Philadelphia Eagles, who face an impossible fourth down and 26 yards on their own 28-yard line. All Green Bay has to do is hold Philadelphia to ...


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