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Lead Generation For Call Centers (2011-09-16)

Lead generation is a call center service that is offered by a number of top outsourcing and call center firm like call center. It is a process which usually involves: -updating a marketing database which can be swayed towards ...

Lowering the Average Handling Time (2011-09-12)


Theme Days at Work (2011-09-12)


What is CSAT? (2011-09-12)


Surviving the Night Shift (2011-09-12)

Ever since the call center and business process outsourcing industries have invaded the Philippines, working at night has become a lifestyle for many Filipinos. In order to fill the time difference between the Philippines and clients who are mostly located in the West, a lot of Filipinos have no cho ...

Survival Guide on Shifting Schedule (2011-01-05)


Why Work in a Home Based Call Center? (2010-12-01)


Why Work In a Call Center? (2010-11-22)

The call center industry is a booming industry. You will now find call centers that offer a wide range of services like banking, collections, lead generation, customer service, appointment setting, order taking, etc. The industry has also changed the sleeping habits of a lot of people, too. More ...

Handling Angry Customers (2010-11-16)

If you are working as a call center agent, chances are you have experienced receiving calls from angry or irate customers. Receiving complaints from angry customers is not far fetched especially if you are handling a customer service account. Most Customer Service Associates have definitely gone thr ...

10 Tips in Closing a Sale (2010-11-10)

Closing a sale is difficult; it is doubly difficult while doing it over the phone. Call center agents who do telesales may have encountered a lot of rejections while doing a sales pitch. Every one of us have one way or another had an unfortunate experience of dealing with a pushy salesperson, wh ...

Telemarketing Scam : Are Call Centers Being Used To Harass Consumers? (2008-11-25)

In recent years, call centers have been very instrumental in providing product support services and straightforward information to consumers as well as administering network operation for telemarketing and debt collection. Telemarketers and financing companies such as credit card and loan provide ...

' I Want A Demotion!' (2008-11-25)

CALL me nuts but I'm beginning to regret my decision when I accepted a promotion. You see, about six months ago, I was promoted from agent to TL (team leader) of a team of outbound agents. The first month was `honeymoon.' I was proud of my accomplishments and I shared them with the team. They, to ...

Does Your Voice Sound Less Credible? (2008-11-25)

TINA, 27, works as a call center agent in one of the offices in Ortigas. Like her colleagues, she is articulate, highly attentive to details and very resourceful. But there is one thing her superiors always remind her to work on: the timbre of her voice. Apparently, the hardworking Tina sounds yo ...

Beware of Energy Suckers (2008-11-25)

THEY'RE like vampires that suck blood from their victims - rendering their preys defenseless, tired, weary, and close to the grave. There are many vampires in the workplace - ever ready to strike at your expense. Get to know them before it's too late. THE CONTRAVIDA. He is not exactly the bad guy ...

STOP Credit Hassles and Fraud (2008-11-25)

IF call centers are allegedly being used by loan and financing companies and credit providers to get a wider range on consumers, it is ironic that call center workers themselves are now among the primary target USERS of credit cards. Due to their irregular shifting working schedules, call center ...

Kutis Showbiz : Get Glowing With a Good Facial (2008-11-25)


The Flying Fiesta of DEBT (2008-11-25)


POSH vs. KAPOSH (2008-11-25)

WITH the mushrooming of tambayan around the Metro, you get dizzy finding a cool and nice place where you can just chillax and enjoy after the punishing shift. We recommend three resto-bars that more or less answer your entertainment and budget needs which we categorized as Posh, Kaposh, and in-be ...

The Chill-Out (2008-11-25)

CHILL Out. A sweeter way of saying to quiet down after a day of an extreme emotional disturbance or agitation. Chill out has evolved from a street slang to a musical genre that refers to mellow, low tempo music that roots from the electronica scene. The music term, chill out, was extracted from the ...

SPA Delectables (2008-11-25)

CALLS, clients, customers, quotas. These spell stress and tension for a call center professional. That's why most employees in call centers look forward to a day of quiet and relaxation. Good thing a large number of establishments within the vicinity of the contact centers offers treatments and serv ...


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