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Use Your Personality To Make The Sale (2005-10-03)

In today's society, marketing is very much focused on impersonal forms of communication: the Internet, mass media promotion, and even bulk mail. When it comes down to it, we are all busy people but we could probably stand a little bit of personal interaction every now and then. So how do you go ...

The Magic & Science of Statistics and Sales (2005-10-03)

This article was orginally written to teach my members how to get ISP clients, but you can use it for almost any business that you are in. --------------------------------------------------------- The magic and science of statistics and sales. ---------------------------------------------- ...

Simple Starter Steps to Generate Sales (2005-10-03)

Do you have a website or store front that remains stagnant. No matter what you do, it just doesn't matter, you just can't seem to build traffic, increase or generate sales. You’ve created new graphics changed your text to be more appealing to readers and still no one is signing up and your cli ...


10 TIPS FOR CREATING UNRESISTABLE ADVERTS. 1. PROGRESSIVE DISCOUNT OFFERS. People will buy more if you tell them there is a price slash on bulk purchase. It really does not matter if the slash is $10 or $1. Give progressive discount offers and watch your sales "sky rocket." Tell them in c ...

Success Made Simple (2005-10-03)

The Internet is the best thing to happen to the small business person in many years. Some would say that it's the best thing to *ever* happen to business at all! While it is true that the Internet empowers anyone with a dial-up connection to go into business, that ease of entry can often lead ...

5 Successful Marketing Techniques (2005-10-03)

Here are 5 successful marketing techniques you can use to increase your sales. All of them are simple to use. And they're effective for building any businesses. 1. KEEP ADDING SOMETHING NEW Every time you add something new to your business you create an opportunity to get more sales. For ...

Market Your Way to Professional Success (2005-10-03)

Market Your Way to Professional Success It’s never too early to start saying thanks to your clients, vendors and referral sources for what they contribute to your business or practice. Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged, so start now and do something every month. Keep ...

Can You Really Become a Marketing "Genius"? (2005-10-03)

Effective marketing is vitally important no matter what business you're in. Consider what marketing expert Jay Abraham said about a vital key to marketing success: "Anyone can become a virtual marketing genius equivalent by doing one simple thing: testing." In other words, learn how to tes ...

Keep Winning Those Customers That You've Already WON (2005-10-03)


5 High-Impact Marketing Tips (2005-10-03)

Here are 5 high-impact marketing tips you can use to boost your sales quickly. All are simple to implement and they involve little or no new expense. 1. Promote Only One Thing at a Time Promote only 1 product or service each time you advertise. Many people have difficulty selecting one p ...

Ten Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products Now (2005-10-03)

Here's ten simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to sell more products faster. 1. Make your reader visualize they have already bought your product in your ad. Tell them what results they have gotten and how it makes them feel. They'll already become emotionally attached before they buy. 2. Turn you ...

How to Find Prospects That BUY! (2005-10-03)

One of the questions that comes up most often in my business is this; “Where do you find high quality fresh, responsive prospects?” And then I hear the next series of questions; Do you buy them? Do you rent them? Who do you buy or rent them from? How do find out who has them in the first ...

Marketing Strategies For Now! (2005-10-03)

Never, I swear to you, never did I think, antipathetic as I am to all things reeking of MLM, that I'd ever share this with you. And yet success principles simply are. Here are the marketing strategies that took Amway (to think I'd even mention that word!) to international market penetration. ...

Making a Great Impression (2005-10-03)

Making a great first impression is undoubtedly a good thing. But did you know that it can take many impressions--seven is a favorite number--before our brains actually respond favorably to an attractive deal? This makes sense, given the need for human beings to feel comfortable and at ease with ...

Strategize Your Marketing! (2005-10-03)

Anyone in the business of Internet marketing has probably seen the phrase "marketing plan" over and over again. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think that having a marketing plan is just another way of saying, "Where will I advertise today?" I'm a firm believer that your marketing plan ...

Reward Your Customers (2005-09-29)

Reward Your Customers The formula for success for any business is to get your customers to make repeat purchases. There are a number of factors involved for getting repeat customers: pricing, quality of products and services, excellent customer service etc. One of the best ways is to reward your ...

Selling Your Way to Sucess (2005-09-27)

Selling Your Way to Sucess Sales. I wonder when we decided to become a sales person. I know when I was at school all I ever wanted to do was join the Navy and see the world. My best mate wanted to be a truck driver or Fireman, Policeman, Soldier, Banker, Doctor, Pop star, Football player and so t ...

The 11 Secrets to Sales Leadership (2005-09-26)


Sales & Communication tips (2005-09-22)

Sales & Communication tips Published By: Darren Cronian While these are bigger enterprises, I see some otherwise good sales people make the same mistakes repeatedly. If it makes the offending holiday rental owners feel any better let me tell you that even some sophisticated firms do no better. S ...

Job Analysis: Do You Know What You’re Doing? (2005-09-21)



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