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Technical Exams in Call Center (2011-11-02)

In the modern age, business process outsourcing has taken a big leap around the globe mainly because of three reasons namely: worldwide standardization and availability of hardware and software platforms; better but cheaper telecommunications and the dispersal of the Internet as a global communicat ...

Call Center Training Program (2011-10-28)

Call Center Training Program is an intensive and comprehensive modular course intended to prepare people interested to work or potential employees in for a call center job. It is intensive because it intends to cover lessons that trainees need to learn by heart in a short as one or two months. It ...

Tagalog Call Centers (2011-10-26)

Call center offices had long been around in business. Many companies have traditionally formed call center offices as a specialized department that handles specific call activities in the operations of their business. For instance, banks and other financial intermediaries that offer credit cards u ...

What is real time Analyst? (2011-10-26)

The job real time analyst sprang out of the emergence of the call center industry. A real time analyst is a person who is essentially tasked to analyze incoming call statistics. In particular, he/ she monitors the number or volume of incoming calls per hour or per day, the number of hours spent by ...

Virtual Call Center (2011-10-23)

A virtual call center is a basically a call center performing similar call center services however, the agents or members of the center are remotely separated from each other instead of staying in a single office operated by an organization. What makes the call center virtual is there is no single ...

Professional Growth in Call Center? (2011-10-19)


Handling Irate Call Center Clients (2011-10-19)

The call center industry can offer the best benefits but handling irate callers can be the downside of working in a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. Most of the calls that you will get has something to do with customer complaints and customers who are not satisfied with the product or th ...

Working in a Call Center: Benefits We Get! (2011-10-17)


Call Center Job: Training and Preparation (2011-10-14)

The call center industry has grown from just four players to almost 700 in just a span of 10 years! When you look at classified ads, call center jobs vacancy are a common read. It is for this reason that more and more fresh graduates, as well as professionals, who are being lured to this booming ind ...

Does Accent Really Matter In Call Center Outsourcing? (2011-10-13)

If your business outsources its call center arm like so many other businesses do, then you might have issues regarding accents. With so many call centers outsourced to countries like the Philippines, India, and China, the issues with accents have become even more pronounced. For one, some clien ...

Surviving Long Days of Work (2011-10-11)

If you are working in a call center and you are assigned to an inbound account, chances are you are in for a high call volume. High volume days mean overtime hours for all agents to compensate to be able to achieve the client required service level. There would also be cases when you need to render ...

Nursing Graduates To Call Center (2011-10-05)

There are thousands of nursing graduates nowadays trying their luck to land a job most especially in the Land of Promises, United States. Unfortunately, because of less experience and lack of money to process some requirements to get the job post, their job applications are rejected. There are a lot ...

Filipinos' Neutral Accent Make Them Perfect for Outsourced Jobs (2011-09-28)

Last year, the Philippines toppled India in becoming the world's foremost country in the call center industry. This phenomenon has cemented the call center's stature as the Philippines' "sunshine Industry". One factor that has contributed to the country's success is the huge availability of manpower ...

Importance of Job Fair for a Company (2011-09-28)

Importance of Job Fair for a Company One of the issues among call center operators or any other company is the availability of qualified personnel for their vacant positions. As of 2011, there are about 2.9 million unemployed workers in the Philippines and is expected to grow once college graduat ...

Fun in Call Center (2011-09-27)


What is Positive Scripting? (2011-09-20)


Call Center Filipinisms (2011-09-20)

Have you ever stopped to think if what you're saying in English meant any sense to people who speak English as their native language like, oh, the Americans? The reason why I ask is because I remember calling our cable TV provider's customer service center to complain about a reception issue. The re ...

Improving Call Center English (2011-09-20)

The Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines is continuously growing. The Philippine BPO industry is composed of different back office operations, support services and call centers that h ...

Call Center Service: The Customer Experience (2011-09-20)


Top Challenges of Call Center Practitioners (2011-09-19)

Different people have differing views about the call center industry and the people who work there. Even the industry practitioners themselves have conflicting views about their job, organization and the industry as a whole. Some people view working in a call center as a dead end job, others see it ...


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