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Importance of Job Fair for a Company

Date Posted: 2011-09-28

Importance of Job Fair for a Company

One of the issues among call center operators or any other company is the availability of qualified personnel for their vacant positions. As of 2011, there are about 2.9 million unemployed workers in the Philippines and is expected to grow once college graduates are produced this coming October 2011 and March 2012. Despite the huge number of applicants, companies are having a hard time filling vacant positions with qualified people.

As a result, recruiters and headhunters are in direct and fierce competition with each other in the hopes of acquiring the most number of qualified people and eventually have them choose and sign job contracts with their respective companies. Recruiters for call centers, specifically, have devised many different and creative ways in attracting applicants and eventually hire qualified people. However, one recruitment method that seems to never go out of style is participating in job or career fairs.

Job fairs are important to all companies. Itís where companies like call centers can convene and engage in a friendly competition just to find the right people while at the same time promote and market their brand name. Contrary to what others believe, job seekers are not the only ones who need to prepare and dress up for a job fair in order to effectively market themselves and get hired. Company recruiters and headhunters too, need to prepare and dress up for such occasions in order to market their company effectively. Because letís face it Ė call centers in the Philippines are sprouting up like mushrooms, thus giving potential candidates more options. Applicants are also becoming wiser, signing up only with companies that are willing to give higher basic pays, more nontaxable allowances, better shift schedules, and better benefits. Since competition is fierce, one firm simply cannot miss out any recruitment opportunity, especially job fairs.

Another good thing about job fairs is that applicants can undergo initial interviews right away, which makes the recruitment process shorter and faster. Also, job fairs allow companies to cut back on their advertising expenses, because itís the organizers themselves whoíd do and shoulder it for them. Recruiters will only need to spend money on the things they need to make their booths standout such as print collaterals, audio-video playbacks, and freebies or promotional items.

Job fairs are a great means of hiring potential candidates to become part of the company. It is also an effective means to market company brand and name. Firms should therefore invest time, money, and energy in them.

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Importance of Job Fair for a Company
By Digi Ana Walit

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