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Fun in Call Center

Date Posted: 2011-09-27

The call center setting here in the Philippines is very different from US based call centers – Filipino call center agents work nights due to the time difference since most call centers in the country have US or UK clients. It is always the dilemma of a call center manager or supervisor to keep their agents awake, especially during slow days.

So if you are managing a call center, what do you do?

It is tough enough to motivate agents to answer more calls or bring in more sales, keeping them awake for the whole duration of their shift is another thing. It is up to the supervisor or the manager to bring in a spirit of fun and healthy competition among the teams.

Who said you can’t have fun while answering calls? We have listed a few ideas on how you can create a fun atmosphere in your call center.

1. A well motivated agent would never want to miss out going to work everyday. If you want your call center’s attendance and punctuality record, among others, to improve you might want to create an incentive program where agents can earn points based on these basic call center metrics.

For example, you can include attendance, punctuality, average handling time, and achieving call quality targets in the points system. Like on a monthly basis agents can receive points based on these metrics and at the end of each month they can redeem the points for prizes. To make it more fun yet competitive, you might want to put in an Olympic-style ranking, complete with medals for the first, second, and third place finishers.

You need to make sure that there is a board that is promptly updated so that the agents can see where they stand.

2. It is also necessary to keep your agents motivated every single day. That is why it would also help if your budget could allow you to have daily contests to keep them on their feet.

You can play something like a "Pass the Mascot" game. You can introduce a mascot like any stuffed animal you like – for example a stuffed bear. The agent who closes the most number of sales or accepts the most number of calls every hour gets to have the bear. At the end of the shift, the agent who gets to have the bear the most receives a prize like free lunch or cash.

3. You can also try playing a "Challenge the Boss" game. You can also set up a board where you can keep track of each team members’ sales output daily.

For each sale made they get Php25 (you can increase the amount if your budget allows). One day a week, say every Friday is "Challenge the Boss" day. Give the agents the option to take the Php25 or play the game. You can flip a coin and all they have to do is to correctly guess heads or tails they get the Php50 instead; however, if they guessed it wrong they only get Php10, either way, they still get a prize. You’ll be surprised at how the agents would enjoy playing this reward game.

These are just three ideas that you can incorporate in your existing incentive scheme. Creating an atmosphere of fun in the workplace is easy; you only need to be creative. Keep in mind that motivated agents will bring in more sales or calls which only means more profits to the company.

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