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Filipinos' Neutral Accent Make Them Perfect for Outsourced Jobs

Date Posted: 2011-09-28

Last year, the Philippines toppled India in becoming the world's foremost country in the call center industry. This phenomenon has cemented the call center's stature as the Philippines' "sunshine Industry". One factor that has contributed to the country's success is the huge availability of manpower that possesses neutral accent.

A lot of Filipinos are getting hired by numerous companies all over the world due to their neutral accents. According to surveys done by both BBC and IBM, Filipinos have the most "accent-neutral language" in the world. In Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai, head hunters provide positions that require voice clarity and neutral accent to Filipinos.

Now what is a neutral accent? It is actually the accent-free pronunciation of the English language. One may be quick to deduce that the neutral accent would be based on American English, but really, neutral accent means being able to speak the English language in a manner that is understood by most people coming from different countries all over the world.

In an attempt to use analogy, a neutral accent is kind of like a template. Templates are general and can be used just the same, or they can be changed or edited so that they could show or reflect more specific personalities and backgrounds. It's the same idea with neutral accents.

Take Aussie actors Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and the late Heath Ledger as examples. If you were to hear them speak during interviews, you would know that they are very much Australian because of their unmistakable Aussie accent. However, most of their roles in movies require them to speak in rather American or neutral accents. They are able to switch off their Aussie accent and use a more neutral one so that a wider audience would be able to understand them.

Filipinos can do the same, and are quite good at it. It may be due to the fact that the Philippines had been colonized by countries like Spain, Japan, and America in the past. Because of this, Filipinos have adapted quite nicely with the different languages, accents, and vocabularies from their colonizers. Filipinos have mastered the technique of switching off their native accents just to adapt to their environment.

Moreover, English is also used in teaching in the Philippines. English is also widely used in Philippine broadcasting and cinema. Tourists won't have a hard time finding their way into the country's busy streets because most signage are written in English. Even those of sari-sari stores (general merchandise) and turo-turo (eateries) are written in English.

Filipinos are very much versatile, that is why even though they come from a third-world country, they can adapt easily. This is one of the reasons why the Philippines has become and will continue being the leading go-to country for call center and BPO operations in the world.

LWS Media is a worldwide leader in call center services, offering clients with a diverse line up of services that promise to increase client branding and market performance. Through collaborative efforts with its customers, the company is committed in bringing innovation to its customer's operations.

Filipinos' Neutral Accent Make Them Perfect for Outsourced Jobs
By Digi Ana Walit

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