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Call Center Training Program

Date Posted: 2011-10-28

Call Center Training Program is an intensive and comprehensive modular course intended to prepare people interested to work or potential employees in for a call center job. It is intensive because it intends to cover lessons that trainees need to learn by heart in a short as one or two months. It is comprehensive because it covers a wide range of lessons required to equip one to effectively work as an agent either as a technical support provider, customer representatives or help desk agents. Moreover, the call center training program is not restricted to training employees for the call center industry but for other business, companies or departments that have similar functions such as the customer care departments of a company or the educational institutions.

A call center training program is usually constituted by three modular courses namely communication skills, technical computer skills and leadership skills. Each major module is further divided on different lessons. For instance, communication skills is further divided into grammatical skills, pronunciation skills, listening skills, reading skills, vocabulary skills and so and so forth. Apart from learning to communicate, call center training may specifically teach lessons on learning a particular accent.

In most cases, call center programs generally teach the American English accent. Because American accents also vary in the US, the accent to be learned will depend on the kind of market that one shall be catering i.e. Southern American accent like in Alabama or Texas or Northern American accent like New York. Black American accent is not taught. If one caters countries like Australia or England, the British English accent is taught. Language accents are taught to facilitate better communication and understanding between agents and clients and not to fool clients that they are talking to an American or a British agent. Incidentally, the inherent ability of Filipinos to imitate accents is one of the major reasons why the Philippines became the top outsourcing nation for contact centers in the world.

Computer or technical skills module is further divided into hardware and software lessons, office applications, PC trouble shooting and networking. Hardware lessons included the fundamental parts of computers such as the processor, RAM, hard disk, motherboard and their functions as well as the peripheral equipments and input and output devices like keyboards, mouse and printers and monitors respectively. Software lessons included office applications, internet programs and most importantly the specific program system that is used by the company. PC trouble shooting and networking included learning how to install software applications, run antivirus, and how to share files, among others. Finally, leadership skills would involve learning basic management lessons, employee motivation, types of leadership, among others.

A call center training program may vary depending on the specific specialization that a company wishes to develop. For instance, for companies engaged in outbound calls or marketing calls would include modules on marketing strategies. For companies engaged in providing tech support, training would include knowing technicalities about how to troubleshoot the specific product or service that the company provides support to. While most call center companies offer in house training programs, there are also academic institutions that offer short term call center training programs to prepare students who want to join the industry after graduation.

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