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Call Center Service: The Customer Experience

Date Posted: 2011-09-20

The advent of the Information Age, along with advancements in technology, brought information and connectivity even more available to us humans. In fact, we can access information and connect with anyone in the world right at palm of our hands – and at the touch of, not a button, but a very high-tech LED screen.

This development has made a lot of things possible, like availing of products and services online or through phone. And, similar to availing of a product or service at an actual, physical establishment, we rate this unique buying experience.

Customers who are aware of and in tune with their physical surroundings have astute perceptions and focused emotions. As thus, they focus on story and subjective implications.

This is where a design for the ultimate customer experience comes in. Your design should attempt to induce positive views at each touch point through out the buying process in order to make great experiences. It is therefore important to focus your design on customer consciousness. Use this design as a tool to provide views or perspectives in 6 crucial aspects of consciousness-

Knowledge – this can refer to processes and procedures, technology and training

Physical environment – visual pulls like themes and colors, smells, sounds or aesthetics that influence views or opinions, moods, and decisions. Although this might not apply to call center services, it is important to paint a picture that puts your brand in an appealing light.

Emotional quotient – perception of the customer’s emotion, use of stories to determine important emotional spots, winning over the favor of customers

Leadership – communication, transparency, inspiration and using these to gain and win support

Sociability – links that characterize and create organizations

Measurement - interpretation and use of date, analytics and surveys, to rate, examine and validate experiences versus performance goals

The customer experience is a conscious and continuous process that occurs on many levels. Creating and putting a design into practice may be difficult task, but it is a job worth doing because it allows you to improve loyalty and value for customers, it of course, help put your organization at the top of the customer service ladder.

LWS Media is world leader in call center services. The company offers a wide range of services including consulting, IT services, Internet Marketing, and customer management. Armed with high performance resources, LWS Media builds strong brands, improves customer relations and increase client revenue.

Call Center Service: The Customer Experience
Anne Maisie M. De Leon

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