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Before the End of the Day...

Date Posted: 2005-10-20

Selling is a process of moving the sales person forward by setting and meeting specific objectives. The problem is many sales people set over ambitious objectives for themselves, which only result in frustration and failure.

Objectives should be obtainable and action oriented. The objectives set for tomorrow should be something the sales person should be able to achieve and succeed.

In sales, the objective’s purpose is to gain a commitment by your customer to action. Objectives might be getting specific answers to questions or feedback on pending issues. It might be getting a commitment to a product test or a sales presentation. Whatever the reason, move your customer forward a step or two at a time. The key is to set a specific obtainable objective that keeps the buying process moving forward or continues to build business.

Implications to the Sales Person

The key to this lesson is to apply the following application for the next thirty days. After thirty days, you will have turned these specific lessons into a habit. If you do, they'll increase your productivity, resulting in more sales and business. It takes the discipline to get through the first month. After that you'll do them automatically.

The Application

Before you finish your business today there are two things you should do:

1. Write Down Three Objectives for Tomorrow.

Three objectives a day will help you to move yourself forward on a regular basis. If you attempt to achieve more than three and you'll tend to get bogged down.

Setting objectives at the end of the day allows you to focus on what needs to be done. Your mind is already in the work mode and focused on what needs to be accomplished. If you wait until the morning, you’ll need to jump start yourself and get yourself back into the work mode. You'll have forgotten the thrust and direction of the prior day.

By planning your objectives for tomorrow before the end of the day, you will provide yourself with direction, keep yourself focused and provide a jump off point for the new day.

2. Write Down One Objective for Each Sales Call for Tomorrow.

Too often we walk into a sales call without a specific objective. More often our objective is "to see how things are going" or "to find out if you need to order something." Every call should have an objective and you should take a moment to cite one for each call you plan to make tomorrow.

Something to Think About

Selling is the discipline of doing the right things over and over. With this in mind, consider the following points:
1. When do you typically plan your sales day? What have been the results? Explain.

2. Do you typically set specific sales objectives for each day and each call? Explain. What have been your results? Explain.

-- By Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD
Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD is the Principal Partner of the American Management Development Group. He can be reached at 800.654-4935 or Find out more at

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